Martin Jamieson Motor Repairs
Our Air Conditioning Service includes the following:

· System pressure test

· Temperature test

· Gas recovery

· Vacuum test

· Full recharge of the system

· Visual check of components.

· Anti-bacterial treatment

· Inspection of the drive belts.

· Full operational check

· Fault report and no obligation quotation for repair *


Additional Services:

· Pollen filter replacement  - price on enquiry, cost varies depending on car make and model

* Charging Policy

The cost of repairing any faults or leaks is not included in the service price.  If you suspect your system has a fault or leak, please discuss this with us before booking.

The first step of our service is a pressure test to look for major leaks.  Such a leak will prevent us from completing the service.  Should this occur you can choose whether to abort the job, without charge, or proceed with the service to diagnose the source of the leak, which is chargeable at the normal service rate.  Diagnosis includes a no obligation quotation for repair.

Minor or slow leaks may not be instantly detectable during a service.  Although uncommon, such leaks may require a second inspection within 2-3 weeks.  In this instance, the initial service remains chargeable, but no charge will be made for a second inspection.

Any faulty components discovered during the service will be quoted for repair or replacement as necessary (without obligation).  A charge for the service will apply.

In the majority of cases, where no leaks or faults are found, the only fee due will be the air conditioning service charge itself.







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